Mount Vesuvius—or What An Orgasm!!!

So as many of you know it had been quite a while since I last had an orgasm. In fact it had been 526 days to be precise (75 weeks and 1 day or 17 months and 11 days). I love the app that keeps track of this for me…lol However last Saturday my Queen and I found ourselves alone for a couple of hours. Time alone has been very rare for us since the pandemic started and my Queen was especially feeling the disconnect. In the past couple of months there were several times where we expected alone time only to have it disappear because of sudden changes in one of the kids work schedules.

It was so nice to be naked beside my Queen. She told me that I was going to cum and that 526 days was long enough. But we started slowly. We lay on our sides facing each other and kissed while allowing our hands to gently explore the other. She decided she wanted to suck on Angus and started to tease her cock with her mouth. It felt wonderful. I wondered if she wanted me to cum inside her mouth because she does like my taste and also likes pushing my cum back into my mouth as she kisses me. But after 10-15 minutes, she decided she wanted me to perform orally on her and I went to town on her beautiful pussy. She had an orgasm and then wanted to suck on me some more. I was just enjoying the moment.

I wanted to use my mouth some more but she told me again that I was going to cum this day. Then she asked if I wanted her to ride me! The answer was a resounding yes and then she said she wanted me to cum inside her while she was riding me. Then she planned to move forward over my mouth and while I cleaned my cum out of her Kitty, she planned on another orgasm. Those words excited me. She took Angus into her Kitty and rode me for awhile until she had another orgasm. After this had subsided for her, she told me it was my time. And then she began riding me again!

Letting go is a bit of a mind set. When you have fought so hard not to cum for so long, letting go isn’t easy. However my Queen had told me in advance that I was going to cum and then twice during our love making she reiterated that point. So I relaxed and tried to enjoy the moment.

It certainly helped when she said “You’re going to cum in Kitty and then I’m going to slide forward over your face and feed you your cum. You will clean your spunk out of me and give me another orgasm!” That really got my crank going and a short while later I asked if I could cum. After the affirmative I let go and started an epic orgasm. She continued to ride me moving up and down on Angus and my orgasm seemed to go on and on! It was marvellous and also very good that no kids were around because I wasn’t very quiet! lol

When I finally finished, my lovely Queen slid forward and planted Kitty over my face. “You seemed to release a gallon of cum!” She said. And then , “Over 500 days without an orgasm followed by a 5 minute orgasm—was it worth it?”

I merely continued to clean my Queen and play with her clit! I had certainly flooded her insides as I found myself drinking a great quantity of my cum. As I was finally not tasting myself anymore, my Queen groaned and had another orgasm. It was marvellous!

So I have a new record of time between orgasms. In that time frame I had no ruined ones either. I think my Queen might have me cum a little more often for the next little while. She does like it when I cum. But who knows she may decide to go for another record! One thing is for sure. I am incredibly horny. I want to lick her and drink from her all the time! I want to give her orgasms over and over again. Mine don’t really matter!


  1. 526 DAYS!!! 5 minute Orgasm WTG Michael! Yours is a fabulous relationship with a strong foundation based on love and mutual understanding of each other’s needs and I admire that greatly! Congratulations to you both! xx💞💖✨✨✨✨💖

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  2. I don’t know whether to be happy for you or disappointed? So how about both :). I’m happy that you enjoyed the orgasm so much and what a beautiful gift your Queen gave you in return. You’ve raised the bar quite high for those submissives out there like my hubwife, whose “streak” right now is at a mere 31 days. She’s got a long way to go…poor her 😉


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  3. Congratulations on your new record! I’d be cross-eyed if I went that long! Kidding aside, so happy you got to spend time alone with your Queen. The pandemic sure has changed everything but we are resilient and resourceful and we will find a way lol

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  4. I think reading this was the best part of my day! Your Queen seriously comes up with the hottest ways to dominate you. Congratulations on your orgasm, my friend. I think this is worthy of a celebration🎉🎊🥂😘💋

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      • Oh, I think waiting to cum for that long is definitely worth of a second post! I for one, am proud of you. I mean that…you and your Queen set out to break your personal record, and you have done that. Talk about self-control and dedication! XOXO

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  5. Wow! That sounds epic! I’m glad you finally had your orgasm and it was such a good one (totally not jealous…nope…not at all… 😝). More though, I’m glad you and your Queen had some much-needed alone time. That has been a precious commodity since the pandemic hit.
    Hopefully you won’t have to break another record before your next one!

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  6. Yay – how wonderful! I love this post – I have been waiting for this moment lol I was on the edge of my seat – I bet it was difficult to let go after all that time but your Queen knew what she was doing.

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