Cum for Me!! Cream Pies and Other Treats!

My Queen likes to see/feel me cum. There are times where she likes to taste my cum—and then feeds it back to me via her mouth! lol So usually after I go a while between orgasms (does 526 days qualify as “a while”??), she likes me to have several. Thus after my epic orgasm on Oct 3, she had me cum again on Oct 11 & 12! I could get fat on all the cum I’m eating! lol

She had me cum on her Kitty!
My Queen’s Kitty after I had cleaned her with my mouth! She told me I hadn’t done a good enough job. So the next day I did much better! 😜😜. She did have another orgasm as I licked her and cleaned my cum off of her!

In the last weeks, I have been feeling that I needed my Queen to exercise her power. I spoke to her about this and she started to be more strict. She messaged me at work telling me to send her some pics. The first time she asked me to send them, I was late. I had some trouble getting into a private spot so she told me I would be punished when I arrived home!

Still I did the task which is the video below.

The first thing I had to do was pee into a glass and then drink it. This is edited because I couldn’t edit out my face. The second part of this video is my ass after I returned home and was spanked for being late with my video!

The next week she had me send her a couple of additional shots. She had had me bring clothes pins to work the week earlier. So she asked me to use them on both my nipples and my scrotum. Three on each location. I was to keep them on for 5 minutes and then take pictures and send them to her!

Three on each nipple. The discomfort is when you remove them! lol
These also were unpleasant when removed. But I did my task and in the correct time frame as well.

There have been a few other requests but I don’t want to bore you. I have to say that binder clips are distinctly unpleasant though. lol!

I’m still trying to catch up with everyone I follow. I don’t like being so far behind and may have to cull my list. Stay safe everyone!


  1. Good morning. With regards to culling I have found for myself that it makes a difference it I switch some to daily emails or even weekly emails so my email is not overwhelmed. And then there are those blogs such as yours that I get instantly (my faves you know lol) Anyways just an idea. Have a great day. 🙂

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  2. Delicious images here, Michael, and love that your Queen is being more strict and giving you tasks. Be gentle with yourself, don’t worry about being behind. I am sure people understand. Life happens!
    ~ Marie

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  3. I think Nora is right, we do need a little more detail on that spanking Michael, hand and spoon isn’t really telling us much! Your Queen has most definitely taken control of matters lately, good to see you jumping through hoops for her! Those pegs look painful!🥴😬😵🥴😬😵😏😏❤

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      • Oh no Michael that’s not how this works at all. Every person’s individual account of a spanking is a work of art just in the telling. Most people never talk about the fact they have been spanked let alone write about it! There are no comparisons to make! Regardless, I admire you greatly for showing us the photo of your red hot tush all spanked and sore! I’ll take that over a description any day of the week! 😋😋😘

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  4. Goodness gracious, Michael! You guys have been busy!

    I hear you on the notifications. I have to condense mine into weekly, too. You can usually find the link to the page at the bottom of the new post notification or your likes notification, if you happen to have that switched on. It will take you to your email subscriptions page and from there you can pick out how often you want to receive notifications (I think).

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  5. Ok so I have never drank pee, my own or someone else’s. I’ve had to drink it mixed with another drink, like iced tea. But Sir keeps telling it’s going to happen one day, I will have to take it from the source.

    So I have questions….
    How does it taste? Like, is it as terrible as I imagine it to be? Am I going to gag and have to try not to throw up???

    What is different about drinking your own compares to drinking your Queen’s?

    Love the pics and video!

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    • I prefer my Queen’s. She is very well hydrated. Mine tends to be stronger as I tend to be dehydrated. It’s hard to say the flavour—it tastes like pee! lol. The idea is worse than the taste. That might make you gag. But just remember you have already drank it. It may have been diluted but you’ve already done it. So this won’t really be that different.


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