Fun Inspired by Succulent Savage

Succulent Savage recently posted a list. I’ve decided to take part. I’ve put a heart behind everything I have experienced. Nope… don’t seem able to do that, so I’ve simply written Y

•Been Married  Y

•Been divorced Y

•Fell in love  Y

•Skipped school Y

•Watched someone give birth Y And Caught a baby being born Y

•Watched someone die 

•Been to Canada  Y
•Ridden in an ambulance  Y

•Been to Hawaii 

•Been to Europe
•Been to Las Vegas 
•Been to Washington D.C
•Been to Texas 
•Visited Florida  Y
•Visited Mexico  Y
•Seen the Grand Canyon in person
•Flown in a helicopter 
•Been on a cruise 

•Served on a jury  Y
•Danced in the rain Y

•Been to California 

•Been to New York  Y
•Played in the band/orchestra in school  Y not the band but a band…

•Sang in the church choir  Y

•Sang karaoke  Y

•Laughed so much you cried  Y

•Laughed so hard you pee’d 

•Caught a snowflake on your tongue  Y

•Had children/adopted  Y
•Had a pet(s)  Y

•Been sledding on a big hill  Y

•Been downhill skiing  Y

•Been water skiing 

•Rode on a motorcycle  Y

•Traveled to all 50 states
•Jumped out of a plane
•Been to a drive-in movie  Y

•Rode an elephant  Y

•Rode a Horse  Y

•Been on TV 

•Been in the newspaper  Y

•Been on the radio Y
•Stayed in the hospital alone  Y

•Donated blood  Y

•Gotten a piercing 

•Gotten a tattoo  Y
•Driven a stick shift vehicle  Y

•Been scuba diving
•Lived on your own  Y

•Rode in the back of a police car 
•Got a speeding ticket  Y

•Broken a bone Y
•Gotten stitches  Y
•Traveled Alone  Y

No chastity to mention today… Just living the dream!! Stay well.


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