Wow. It’s Been a Long Time Since I posted!

It seems forever since I posted. I’ve had ideas, but never the time to write. Christmas is coming and I’m still working on catching up with people’s posts. It may take until New Years to actually catch up. But I’m working on it. WordPress has made a change recently that makes it harder for me to comment—indeed I seem unable to comment on some posts. Frustrating but I’m hoping a future update will correct this problem.

So I’ve been caged nonstop (24/7) since Nov. 8th. We haven’t been able to play because of our adult children. One of them is always home. They stay up late or get up early—it makes it difficult to find time. I think this is the longest my Queen has gone without an orgasm in her life—she’s at 24 days now. I have been allowed to lick her a few times—usually after she’s showered and is getting ready for work or to serve as her toilet paper after she’s peed! But Angus has remained strictly on lockdown. When I get excited though I love the feeling of being cramped within the cage.

This lack of play or edging is also partially due to how busy both my Queen and I are at this time. We can’t blame everything on the kids. But it does appear that when we might find some together time, a kid is ever present!

Regardless, we will continue onward. For the first time in a long time I bought my Queen some sexy lingerie. Some time ago she told me to stop buying stuff. She had enough. However some no longer fits or has worn out. I thought it was time to try something new. I hope she likes it. I hope it fits. lol I will give it to her at Christmas time! Hopefully sometime during the Christmas break we’ll have some quality alone time. Time where we can be as noisy as we like and don’t have to worry about being walked in on.

I’ve also bought a Humbler. It arrived yesterday—shipped all the way from the Ukraine. It’s handmade from hardwood and looks very well finished. I’ll post a full review including seller after I’ve had a chance to try it out. My Queen will have to pt it on me and kids really make that difficult. But I’m excited about it and wonder if it’s still another “Be careful What You Wish For!” situation. Could be! But that will just drive my submission.

The humbler unwrapped.
Closed but not locked, you can see the gap where the scrotum threads through.

The lock that comes with it is pretty flimsy, so I’m imagining that we could use the lock from my cage. It won’t be possible to both wear the cage and the humbler at the same time so the lock will be available.

The humbler locked with the supplied lock.
Picture showing how the humbler is held closed. I think it will be very difficult to remove by oneself.

So if you are unaware of what a humbler is, it is a device that forces a man to be bent over at the waist. Basically it makes hands and knees the mode of transport. I’ve looked online and found this drawing of a man in a different humbler.

This is an E-stim humbler. But the effect is the same. A male can’t stand up while wearing one.

I hope everyone is surviving this pandemic. Stay safe!


  1. Glad to see you posting again, Michael! And oh my but that humbler is serious stuff! I would definitely have to make sure you have the house to yourselves for a few hours to use it. And not lose the key…

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