Happy New Year!!

I can’t say I’m sad to see the last of 2020. However there is reason for optimism in 2021! Still, there was lots of good that happened in 2020.

The team I coach won our local championship again (pre-Covid). We were one game away from our provincial championship! While it would have been nice to win that game, losing it doesn’t negate a successful season.

My third daughter lost her job because of Covid, and ended up returning home. This was a positive as relationships were rebuilt and her life direction changed. I firmly believe that this new direction will be healthier for her.

My father had treatment for skin cancer. It was delayed because of Covid which allowed the disease to progress, but ultimately the treatment was effective and he appears to be cancer free. This is a good thing.

My job changed dramatically. It caused a lot of stress and in some ways continues to do so as the changes haven’t stopped. Still, I have learned new skills and adjusted to the new requirements. New skills are always good!

My Queen’s first job went back to 5 days a week from the four it had been reduced to. This was accompanied with her salary increasing as well. This returned her income to the level it was a few years ago.

On top of that, she started working only from home. She no longer has to go into the office. This saves fuel costs and wear and tear on her car. Furthermore this saves her two hours of travel on those days she would have gone in to work.

Another good thing for us is that we are finally past the painful sex due to her hysterectomy. It took more than a year, but finally penetration doesn’t hurt and pumping can be as vigorous as she or I like. We are also free to use whichever positions we desire. For much of the year penetration could only happen in one position and took a long time to achieve. Full penetration was virtually impossible. Pumping action had to be slow and incomplete. Squirting wasn’t happening. However finally the extreme care and gentleness is no longer required. And squirting is once again happening when we get the chance to play!

I suppose these are the high points. We have our health and no one close to us has caught this disease. We didn’t lose our jobs and so income kept coming in.

Sexually it was an interesting year. While my record for orgasm denial started in 2019, it ended in October of 2020 at 526 days between orgasms. Still the presence of kids lessened our opportunities to have sex. My Queen had the fewest orgasms in one year since I started keeping records. She only had 96 orgasms in 2020. I had 4 orgasms—all in the month of October! After my 526 day period of denial, my Queen had me orgasm 4 times in October (3, 11, 12, & 24). On Boxing Day I had a ruined orgasm. They don’t happen often, but…

Taken from pixabay, let’s celebrate the good and worthwhile!

As a comparison, in 2019, my Queen had 295 orgasms. I still had 4 with 1 ruined. 3 of those orgasms happened in April. The other one plus the ruined orgasm were in March of that year. My Queen had this many orgasms despite having had an hysterectomy in the fall of 2019. So this past year shows a real drop in the frequency of my Queen’s orgasms. Gotta love the kids!! lol

We’re hoping that 2021 gives us more alone time! The humbler hasn’t been used yet as we need an empty house to play with that properly. We did take advantage of sleepy children this morning to play a little. My Queen had 4 orgasms and insisted I have one too. While we had to be quiet, it was fun and a nice way to start the day and the year!!

My blog had a good year. I had over 461, 000 views and almost 53, 000 visitors. It is remarkable how many countries were represented by viewers. It is likely that I had viewers from almost every country in the world!

I would like to thank all of you for spending time with me this year. I hope your 2021 is a fabulous year, and I hope to see you again and again. Stay safe. Michael


  1. Happy New Year Michael. I love the way you have focussed on the positives and wow those are some great stats. Keep up the great work. We are all enjoying your writing. Missy x

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  2. Happy New Year!

    Cancer is a scary diagnosis. I’m glad he’s in remission now. A lot of “elective” surgeries were put on hold this year and it sucks because most of them aren’t actually elective, they just aren’t as immediately life-threatening as Covid. I’m concerned that with the new waves, medical procedures are going to be put on hold again unless they are emergencies.

    I hope things settle down for a happy, healthy 2021.

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