Sneaky Time

Yesterday morning I awoke horny… yes I know—that is typical for me! lol. I lay beside my Queen fantasizing about us and waiting for her to awaken. When she started to wake up, she was cold so she snuggled into me (her furnace) and that allowed my hands to start to wander. This is sneaky time for us as our adult children are still sleeping. As long as we are quiet, we can play successfully!

Two days earlier, she had awakened in the midst of a sexual dream about to orgasm. As she lay there, she had her orgasm—though she couldn’t remember the dream. Now my Queen doesn’t have many sexual dreams. So yesterday I asked her if she had had another dream induced orgasm. She said that she actually was just starting a similar dream when she woke up. So I offered to make her dream a reality. And that is how as she awoke, I had permission to indulge in a favourite treat of mine—that is to use my mouth on her Kitty.

I so enjoy tasting my Queen! I am coming to the conclusion that this is my favourite sexual act! It was remarkable how quickly she had her first orgasm! That dream must have riled her up some! I persisted as I hadn’t had enough of her and shortly thereafter she had her second orgasm.

“I want to be penetrated”, she said as she grabbed for Angus in his cage. “Hmmm, since You’re caged, what can we use?”

I suggested the thrusting dildo vibrator we got from bestvibe. This is a toy we’ve had success and fun with! I reviewed it here. “OK” she said.

I got out of bed and grabbed the toy and lube. As I returned to her, she asked me to get out Palm Power vibrator. So I scurried to get that too.

The thrusting dildo

I inserted the dildo and started to fuck her with it. she turned on the Palm Power and placed it over her clit. I bent over and started to suck and tease her nipples. She was going to come again!

My Queen with her Palm Power vibrator some time ago…

As she started to cum, I started to lap around her toys trying to access her squirt! “Finger me”, she said. I pulled the dildo from her and sucked her juices from it while inserting two fingers from my left hand. She continued with the vibrator and came again on my fingers!

She turned off the vibrator and lay there relaxing. I moved so I could gently kiss and lick her kitty. “Do you want to put Angus inside? Go get the key!”

I brought her the key and she removed the lock. Angus was excited and removing the cage is always more difficult in that situation—though certainly not impossible! lol

I rolled the ring around so the protruding bar was behind my scrotum. When Angus is excited, there is no way to remove the ring! Angus slid nicely into Kitty. I pumped her a few times and then withdrew. I didn’t have permission to cum and was very excited. I went down on her again! As she started to cum still again, she had me put Angus back inside her! I could feel her contractions!

“I need to get up and going!” She said. “Recage Angus please”.

That took a little while as Angus did have to do some shrinking before I could get the cage back on! What a wonderful way to start the day!! 5 orgasms for my Queen and more edging for me. It doesn’t get any better!

Angus pushing at his bars!


  1. Thank you very much for this account.

    Yesterday afternoon my wonderful mistress wife decided, out of the blue, that she would have me shave her and then ordered me to use the vibrator on her until she had multiple orgasms. A most wonderful time for us both.

    The reason I need to thank you is that she confessed that she had read your blog and it had given her the idea!

    So thank you, very, very much. I stayed locked, of course. There is nothing more wonderful for me than giving her pleasure like that.

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