An Unusual Kink?? Maybe… Maybe Not

If you’re new to my blog, I wear a chastity cage almost all the time. This is a kink that I approached my Queen about. I talked about this in a much earlier post. What do I want from this? And more importantly what do I get out of it?

I am submissive to my Queen—in my life, I am not at all submissive, but I yearn to be submissive to my Queen. Prior to our venture into male chastity and caging, my Queen would sometimes dominate me extensively for a weekend or so at a time! We had to work around the presence of kids for these days to happen and they didn’t happen as frequently as I would have liked, but they did help us learn about each other and about the things we liked. Chastity is something I never thought about or likely was even aware of. After all it wasn’t mainstream. In the past 8 years or so, it has become much more main stream. The first time I became aware of cock cages was when my Queen and I were in a sex shop. They had a metal cage on display. We spoke and joked about it and then moved on. But that cage was in my head. I later went back and purchased it. While my Queen soon learned I owned it, honestly not much happened for quite a while. It wasn’t until I had purchased my custom made Jailbird from Mature Metal that we eventually started to use it. Now it’s almost 5 years since my second stint as a caged male started. Add that to my first experience and I’m over 5 years caged! But what do I get out of it?? Why does this appeal to me?

I crave domination. I am an exhibitionist, and I enjoy being forced to do so. On my own I couldn’t do it. By giving up my right to erect and my right to orgasm whenever I desire I feel my Queen’s dominance all the time. I know that if she desired, she could have me show myself off. Admittedly this hasn’t happened very often, but it has happened. And somehow exhibiting myself when caged is even more mortifying than when I am completely naked. And yet it is very exciting as well! Angus will attempt to erect and won’t be able to because of the cage! However this attempt at engorgement will fill the cage. The pressure I feel is like delicious foreplay!

But being an exhibitionist isn’t all too unusual! It’s the being caged and the associated behaviours that together are unusual!

On those occasions where my Queen has me please her sexually without releasing me from the cage, I am so excited. Angus is doing his best to erect and push the bars away, but it won’t happen. This excites me because it shows that my erection and my orgasm is totally unimportant. So when I am not released it feeds my submission, and yet it’s taken a while to get here.

At the beginning of our journey my Queen had difficulty with denying me orgasms. Denial is not something that men or women are used to. Most men orgasm all the time. Many women never orgasm or do so rarely! So it is completely foreign to most people. So initially I had fewer orgasms but was still having a great deal of them relatively. Milestones happened along the way. She had me go over 50 days between orgasms—and then had me go even longer. We went to the Caribbean for a holiday—I hadn’t had an orgasm for quite a while prior to our leaving. I wondered if I would have one while away! We were like horny newlyweds while away. Over the week we were away, my Queen had more than 60 orgasms. But I returned home without having one!

Then I went 485 days between orgasms. Just recently I went 526 days between orgasms. She no longer worries about keeping me from cumming. She does like to see me cum, but has come to accept that I like denial. I think she is starting to understand how much I love to give her pleasure! I think she understands how horny I feel and how her control turns me on.

In addition to being caged and denied, I am asked to clean up my cum after I am allowed an orgasm. Now I don’t particularly like the taste of my semen—but I love being forced to clean it up! Despite the immediate drop in submission after I orgasm, the thrill of being forced to do the unimaginable turns me on.

This is something that my Queen had to learn as well! Now though I think she enjoys making/watching me lick it all up. She particularly seems to enjoy it if I cum inside her! As I clean it up, she will often have another orgasm.

So my unusual kink is multi-faceted! I wear a cage and enjoy it. I enjoy attempting to erect inside of it. I enjoy being denied and if allowed to cum, I enjoy being forced to eat it. Chastity and chastity cages are becoming more and more main stream. But I still think I’m a little unusual in my likes… and then there’s the golden showers…

Caged and clipped. A task given to me by my Queen a few months ago.


  1. As a submissive woman, I can’t say I’ve worn a chastity cage, but I certainly understand the pleasure that comes from being forced to acknowledge and obey ones kinky desires. My husband is incredible at seducing me into subspace and making me embrace my need to serve. I too, will often go weeks without orgasm, choosing instead to derive pleasure from his climaxes. Great post- indeed, it would seem that the world is full of like minded deviants 😉

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  2. I have to give you so much credit, I could never withstand the long time periods in between. You may be a submissive but you have a strength most would love to have to endure.

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  3. Great post, Michael. I thoroughly enjoy learning about how others embrace their kinks and what the turn on is for them. 🙂 In my first 5 minutes on Fetlife a gentleman in a nearby city private messaged me and asked me to hold his key. I had no idea what exactly he was talking about. I was *very* green. ;P Since then it’s come to be one of those kinks which I share with you on the dominance side. Caging, cock bondage, orgasm denial, edging, SCH along with an interest in cuckholding. Reading your tales allows me to live vicariously. Please keep sharing your experiences. I choose not to participate now, but perhaps one day it’ll be part of my life.

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  4. I can totally relate to your kinks, feelings and cravings. Nothing you say sounds strange or unfamiliar, only exciting and hot.
    Our femdom relationship (with my wife) is not as advanced as yours, but we have been moving in the same direction as you guys over the last 5 or so years.

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