Pandemic Walks

Well for most of the last year our gym has been closed. For those of us who work out regularly that creates a lack of opportunity. So we have a few dumbbells in the house (6 different pairs) and a bench along with a few other exercise toys. My Queen is great at making use of them while I am more lackadaisical about it. We haven’t any cardio equipment though. So in an effort to get out of the house at least occasionally, we are walking together regularly. We usually will go anywhere from 3 to 6.5 km at a time. We don’t usually walk at this time of year because of the cold but this year is different. We are doing our Covid-19 walks!

Of course we are in Canada and it is winter. So despite the fact that it is a warmer winter than usual, it is still cold. The other day my Queen was getting ready for our walk and she was putting on her long John’s. These are incredibly sexy items of clothing designed to keep a person warm in the cold weather. She looked so sexy I just had to take a picture—and then she thought about adding something …

At first she used her finger, but dirty minds being dirty minds…
We thought this looked more reasonable! lol

We didn’t have any play time as both kids were home… but it did make us laugh and then we went out and enjoyed our walk!

It would be most welcome if we had some time to ourselves soon. As it is, on occasion we have quickies before we get up. But while they are appreciated and needed, it would be nice to be able to fully relax and make as much noise as we liked.

We have walked in the snow many times this year.


  1. It’s always wonderful to have a sense of humor and this was perfect. A Canadian friend just told me it was a “warm 30F” today and here I am bundling up at 50F here in California lol

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  2. Love love love her sense of humor! Keeping things fun is so very important. Glad to hear you are still getting in your exercise when you can. I will be forever grateful that just a few short months before the pandemic, we invested in a home gym. We have a treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, and row machine. I often do workout videos as well and Youtube has proven to be an incredible source for new and fresh workouts. Have you ever used Kettleballs? For Christmas, we bought a set of those for ourselves but I haven’t used them yet (I want to do a bit of research…don’t want to sustain an injury). There are many Kettleball workout on YouTube… I just need to try one out.

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  3. Oh, the cold. It does make you walk faster. The heat slows you down.
    I didn’t a lot of years living in the extreme cold of northern Alaska. Glad to be out of it, but if rather be in the cold with the sun then the cloudy.

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  4. I’ve been having a difficult time without the gym too. Also walking each day. Laughter is the best medicine in times like these. it’s important to have fun 🙂
    And long johns do look incredibly good on your queen 😉

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