Fan Mail—A Book I Read

A little while ago, someone I follow in the blogosphere sent me a portion of a book and asked me if I would read it and possibly review it. I had issues accessing what he sent me, but went to Amazon and purchased a hard copy of his book. Originally I planned to keep his identity to myself, but he has posted about it on his blog so I want to thank CagedLion (of Male Chastity Journal) for thinking of me and sending me a copy. He uses the nom de plume “Kelly Lyon.”

A well written femdom novel—but really it’s so much more! Romance, mystery, both slimy and nice people—it’s a good read!

Let me start by saying I really enjoyed “Fan Mail.” I expected to receive a smallish novella and was surprised to receive a solid full size novel when the package from Amazon finally arrived. It was hefty—a total of 353 pages! A lot of effort had obviously gone into the writing of this story!

In a nutshell, the plot involves the fan of a young actress, Leslie Peters. He (Steve) writes a letter to her and includes a picture of himself and his dog along with his email address. Something catches her fancy and she sends him an email. At about the same time, her series is cancelled. This is a huge surprise as it is one of the top rated shows in television. Cut adrift with no obligations on her time, she continues her email correspondence with Steve. They have a connection and in an impulsive moment, Les decides to meet with Steve.

Their initial meeting is filled with sparks and they begin a tentative relationship. The novel has a slight femdom edge and features some erotic humiliation along with some spanking scenes. But the story is really a love story. Steve and his brother are surprised to learn her show has been canceled. It doesn’t make any sense to them—particularly as it was two weeks before the new season was to have started shooting. They do some work and then convince Les to hire an investigator to figure out the reason for the cancellation.

The story hangs together well. The sex is important, but not the reason for the novel. Ultimately it is a sexy romantic mystery with some mild female dominant sexuality thrown in.

As I said I enjoyed this novel. I found the sex added to the story. I’m a male who loves femdom and erotic humiliation, so it was right up my alley. But the underlying story was really good too. I highly recommend Fan Mail by Kelly Lyon. It’s electronically available for a modest $2.99 from Amazon. If like me, you enjoy actual paper books, you can also buy that at Amazon too.

I’m hoping that more people will buy and read this book. Lyon is working on a sequel that I want to read. He needs encouragement to continue writing. Currently he is a little discouraged with the sales of this book.

On the chastity front, I’ve actually had three orgasms this year. This despite the fact that we are almost never alone. We try to sneak sex in before others awaken and have success maybe one day a week. It does depend on what is on for the day. Sometimes we have to start our days far too early to have any available time. I’m looking forward to the end of this pandemic!!

Stay well everyone. I know I’m behind in my reading but I’m trying to catch up…


  1. I was so happy to see a post from you, Michael! This sounds like a fabulous tale and has probably been keeping you busy lately. I follow Caged Lion as well and enjoy his blog.
    Have a beautiful Saturday!!! We are headed out on a little adventure today 🙂

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  2. Thank you for the review. I appreciate your support. I’m delighted you enjoyed the read. One thing of note: the spanking is out of the book. After a lot of hard thinking, I decided it was more a distraction than an addition to the story. I believe the edited story hangs together better. It took me a while to realize that I wasn’t writing a femdom spanking novel. I hope that the story with some romance and sex will make it more appealing to vanilla women. Based on my current sales, it doesn’t seem to appeal to anyone.

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  3. Wonderful review! I’ve not heard of caged lion so I shall go and check out his blog. But first I’m off to amazon. This will make a perfect addition to the friends care package (once I’ve read it, of course)

    Like you I’m looking forward to the other side of the pandemic. The children go back to school next week so that will give me more time for writing, running and… pleasure. I’m glad you’re finding ways of enjoying each other.

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  4. Hi Michael!
    I’m glad you’re here again, and I even wrote a review for Caged Lion. I constantly follow the work of Leo and his wife. I hope that your review will help in the sale of his book, since now he is somewhat disappointed with the sales results and even tries to edit the already written text, which seems to me not entirely correct, especially after the publication.

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