Hair No More?? Or Torture Anyone?

So for Christmas, my Queen asked me about a hair removal device that she could use on her face. Made by L’Oreal, she knew it was on sale but couldn’t remember the name of the product nor the maker… So I went to the store a day or so later with my lousy description. The lady there didn’t remember the L’Oreal products but did show me a Phillip’s epilator designed for use on the face (who would be foolish enough to do this????). It was on sale! So I thought it was what my wife wanted and made the purchase. A week or so later, we were watching television when a commercial came on. “That’s what I was telling you about,” she said. Damn I had purchased the wrong thing.

This is what she wanted—and there are two different sizes of these. I got her both of them.

So I’m the end I had an extra toy—remember it was supposedly a gentle hair removal device that could be used on the face, under the arms or in the “bikini” area. So rather than try and return it (difficult in Covid times) I decided to keep it and use it on my own bikini area! After all it was gentle—right???

Now this is what I purchased!

Looks innocent right??
This is the “gentle” head… it rotates and acts like tweezers pulling hair out by the roots!

So at the beginning of January (a week after Christmas) I decided to try this machine out. I had let my pubic hair grow for a week because I knew these devices required hair of some length! Well it awoke me immediately when I started to use it. Holy crow, having your public hair ripped out from the roots is an enlivening experience!

That first time was unpleasant (ah who am I kidding—every time is unpleasant), but a great deal of hair was removed. Since then, I’ve used it every week or two. There is noticeably less hair growing back now. Furthermore, there is much less stubble growing back. So this area is much smoother now. This is a plus! My Queen very much dislikes the stubble. She finds it very uncomfortable.

Now that I’ve used this 5-6 times, there is less hair growing and as a result there is less to pull out. There is much less discomfort too as less hair…

Initially after use there was an immediate redness and welts formed. These welts would last for several days to a week. The redness is less now and the welts are also not as bad.

This is just after my last use. I hadn’t let the hair grow for as long so it was shorter than other times I used it. However it is still red and there are some bumps. No real welts this time. And the redness is not as pronounced.

So while I find this unpleasant to use and would never use it on my scrotum, it appears to be working at eliminating my pubic hair. I suppose it’s too early to tell for sure, but that appears to be the case. I do feel much smoother all the time and that’s good.

On another note, I still haven’t had the Humbler put on me. Having adult children in a lockdown/pandemic just doesn’t leave a lot of couple time. In fact, my Queen hasn’t had an orgasm in 34 days. The kids are always underfoot!

Even today we were both awake early and started to cuddle together. The cage was removed and Angus was enjoying some touch when my son knocked on our door. My hands which were all over my Queen enjoying her body stopped. Her hands stopped and shortly thereafter she got up followed by me. Time together nipped in the bud by adult son. oh well… in a few weeks we should have more time alone! Both daughters in this country will be moving to work 1500-2000 km away for a few months. My son’s work schedule also is starting to gear up as the summer comes. So he will be out much more often. We’re holding our breaths.

Incidentally the hair removers my Queen wanted are gentle and effective! Glad I bought them for her. Makes her life a little easier!


  1. i salute you, I cant use these damn things anywhere on my body and you used it in your intimate region, Hats off to you ……..

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  2. Thank you for sharing this, my friend! I just researched this product on Amazon a bit. The video SCARED me! The gal was talking about how you might want to use a pain reliever after. But, she also said after 4-5 uses, you won’t need to shave for a month (which does sound appealing). I am undecided at this point. I love the idea of not having to shave as often, but I can not imagine using this on my sensitive lady bit areas….

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree: OUCH! It says “SatinTouch” on the device… and maybe it should say “SatanTouch” given how it removes hair! You get two standing ovations from me…

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  4. I used a similar one for years. The first time was pure torture. After that, it hurt less and less each time. The hair came in thinner too. I tried it on my balls. Big mistake! It catches and cuts the skin. Eventually, I got professional laser hair removal for my pubes and balls. It was no picnic either. The doctor that did it prescribed a lidocaine cream to apply an hour before and then wrap my cock and balls in Saran wrap until the treatment. That cream is now available without a prescription. It worked pretty well. It still burnt like hell on my balls.

    That treatment was almost perfect. I still have hair that grows out at the base of my penis and some on the balls. Nowadays Mrs. Lion waxes me. That doesn’t hurt much and does a great job. I need new treatments about once a month. She waxes my entire body above the knees except my arms. The hair that grows back is fairly sparse and thin.

    Good luck with your device.

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  5. You are way way braver than me to try that thing on your pubic area. I couldn’t even handle it dealing with my leg hair lol However one by one via tweezers, I can do lol

    I do miss getting my Brazilian waxings. I’ve been thinking about it since the place where I used to go to reopened again although now I wonder, well, who is going to see it but me (although that is a good enough answer right there, too, if not better).

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  6. I feel your pain as I do a full Brazilian sugar wax. I’ve been doing it for almost a year and it never gets easier. I can’t wait for you and your Queen to have some real alone time, you both deserve it.

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  7. I also have such a device from Philips. Only mine is wider and more productive. But I use it to remove hair on my legs. At first it was unpleasant, but over time the hair became smaller and they became thinner. So now the procedure for removing them is not so painful.

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  8. I tried one once. Too painful. I got Brazilians for several years. Then thought what the heck—got lasered. After several sessions almost I’m completely bare. No more pain or cost.

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  9. Hi Michael. Ouch is right! My wife has one of those wicked depillators, she only occassionaly uses it, and only for her lower legs. Or, to be more precise, she has me use it on her. She rarely allows me to go above her knees with it, too painful. I tried it on my own calves and in pubic area, only once. Never again, thank you very much. It is a slow torture. And that comming from a pain slut…
    That said, I do take full brazilian waxing every 2 months or so between spring and fall. It hurts, but nothing like with that gizmo! The most unpleasant area for me is the pubes above the dick, much more painful than the scrotum or in the butt crack.

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