Two Truths and a Lie!

Please remember I’m way behind on my reading but about three weeks ago several I follow wrote about two truths and a lie. They were fun posts, so I decided to jump in—late, but better late than never! This was probably connected to some meme, but I’m terrible at memes… The cover picture is one I found on Pinterest. It is apparently a still from a TV show.

Feel free to guess which one is true—I’ll let you in on the secret when you comment. lol

The Show!

Some time ago—before I met my Queen—I dated another dominant woman. We shared fantasies and she was aware of my desires to be an exhibitionist. One night she had a few friends over. As the night ended, three of them decided to crash at our place as they had been drinking extensively. As my girlfriend and I went to bed it was obvious that I was horny. My girlfriend got this look on her face and left the room to go to the bathroom. I was lying in bed naked and gently stroking myself waiting for her to return. When the door opened, she was there with her three friends. I was on top of the covers so nothing was hidden. She told me to masturbate. Then she gave a running commentary. I was really excited and when I was as close I asked to cum. She told me I would have to eat it and I was to catch it in my hand. Shortly thereafter the girls witnessed me cumming and drinking my “stuff”.

The Threesome

Several years ago, we were on vacation in Jamaica! We were having a lot of fun and having sex at least twice each day. One night we were at one of the bars and feeling no pain. We had met an attractive black man (RJ) earlier in our holiday and he was at the bar. Being away from home my Queen and I decided to indulge in one of her fantasies. This was a MMF threesome. RJ was agreeable and we went back to our room. It was weird kissing my Queen at the same time as another male. And weirder still when she went down on him. But it was also very hot. I started to perform orally on her and she ended up in a sixty-nine position over me. RJ moved away from her mouth and came around to her ass. He proceeded to enter her while I was licking her clit. I think she had one of the biggest orgasms in her life that night and I licked another man’s cock for the only time in my life. I also drank him out of her later

The Shower

This also happened before I met my Queen. I was enjoying being single for the first time in a long time after my first marriage had broken up. I found that partners were easy to find and surprisingly there were many women who were either dominant or willing to experiment at being dominant.

I met and dated SK for a short time. She was perhaps the most dominant woman I have ever been with. She was also incredibly open with her friends about her sexuality. She was also very comfortable with nudity. In the short time we dated she would often be walking around the home nude or nearly nude. She liked to see me the same way too. And that pleased me. I like to be nude as well. The first time she had a girlfriend over I was nervous, but that soon changed and I enjoyed the chance to be an exhibitionist. SK liked water sports and one day she had several girlfriends over. She decided to give me a golden shower and allow her friends to watch. It was one of the hottest things I’ve experienced—but then I would likely say that about at least another 20-30 experiences. Lol

So there you have it. Three stories of which two are true. I hope you are all well and that people are starting to be vaccinated. Sex here is almost a long forgotten dream. But kids will be disappearing for work purposes in the near future. So I really hope to get reacquainted with my Queen’s body soon! Stay safe!


  1. First of all, I’m so happy to see a post from you! And second, I think the first story is the lie (or the desire that hasn’t happened yet) although all three scenarios are super sexy 😍

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  2. Glad to see you post, Michael!

    I think the threesome is a lie but that’s only because you may have hinted at not having done it in an earlier post. Great scenarios though and reminds me get that story going! But first, my book has to be done and then I can write that naughty story!

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      • The edits and rewrites are driving me bonkers! The pressure to come out with a good book is insane. But I’m almost done and from there, this bottleneck will be over and I can tackle my growing TBD list of books waiting to be written.

        Hope you and your Queen are having a great weekend, Michael!

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  3. The second one is the Lie – I know about the golden showers stuff as u mentioned in a comment on my blog and I can visualise the first one happening -so the threesome 😉
    Nice to have you posting
    May x

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  4. Bravo Michael, though short, but interestingly written stories. Brevity is the soul of wit. I already know the correct answer, so I won’t write it here. Glad when you have new posts.

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  5. Having read the post in my email, I skipped the other comments fortunately…

    I think the second one is an untruth. While I think you may have had an MMF and licked another man, I’m not sure your Queen would enjoy a random stranger without protection. So the idea of you drinking him from her, it’s a hot fantasy but I think unlikely.

    Also, first dose at the end of February, and second dose coming round quickly.


  6. Love your blog. Never had a threesome but my wife verbally outed me as wearing a chastity device and being submissive to a younger but very mature lady she got to talking to on a long vacation The three of us shopped, ate and toured some together. I got them coffee and other drinks many times.

    The woman was rather surprised about chastity devices being real, and laughed a little when my face and bald head would get so red from embarrassment when chastity come up. I hadn’t had an orgasm in 200 days when we first got friendly. It seemed so erotic. By the end of the trip she actually asked details about chastity devices because she wanted to lock up a boyfriend. My wife kept in touch and says she eventually did lock up his manhood and they do it long term. I’ve beat that 200 day record since that vacation many times.

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