I’m Humble Oh So Humble

So for the longest time I’ve wanted a humbler. I first became aware of them sometime on the past 4-5 years. I found a store on Etsy that sold them and ordered one from a fellow in Eastern Europe. It arrived in early December or perhaps late November. Regardless, we haven’t had any opportunity to try it out till…

I admit that we haven’t had much time to play in the past few months. Adult kids underfoot almost all the time. However there is light on the horizon and this week we have two times when the house is empty of kids for a short time. In a few weeks that could be often. My son has started a new job so he’s out on the day. My daughter who is still at home leaves for her summer job up north in a couple of weeks. Today is her last shift at her current job (she needs to quarantine for two weeks for her summer job), so we are alone today (second time this week)!! Woo hoo!!

We were alone two days ago too and squeezed some time together in around our day jobs. Working from home has that advantage at least!!

It had been so long since we had played. My Queen was starting to have an impressive number of days between her orgasms. It had been almost two months!! It was so nice to be next to each other without clothing and with no fear of interruptions.

We started with some extensive necking playing with each other’s lips and tongues. Soft, hard, gentle and rough. It was amazing and very arousing. Now my Queen has been bemoaning the fact that we haven’t had any time together. So she got aggressive and pushed me on my back. Then she decided to please Angus with her mouth. It was lovely and I was enjoying it but wanting more. She decided to sit on my face and I was in heaven. I admit that my tongue was feeling it though—like an athlete that is out of shape! lol

Then she slid down my body and took Angus into herself. She slid up and down a few times before I rolled her onto her back and with her legs on my shoulders started to pump into her. We got a nice rhythm going and then she put the vibrator (Palm Power) against her clit. I pulled out of her and tried to go back down on her but she told me to use my hand. I moved up her body and played with her breasts and kissed her as my hand played the cock role. She had a massive orgasm! It was her second and just lasted and lasted. Afterwards we may together for a few moments, but work called. As she was about to get up, I asked about trying out the humbler.

She had forgotten all about it, but decided we could do a quick investigation. So I got it out and got on my hands and knees. With a little effort it was attached.

At this point right after attaching the humbler, my Queen decided my ass was too white.

A moment after it was on, she gave my ass a firm spank. It surprised me and I tried to jump—but you don’t do that with a humbler on you… lol. She gave me a few more spanks and then went to get the big lumber!

A few hits later my ass was starting to redden. Truly despite the impacts there is no real ability to move with this thing on you.
Feeling the pressure in the boys.
Deciding whether things were red enough…
We had to get back to work. So that was it.

My Queen decided she loved this toy. I suspect “we” will be choosing to use this often. Perhaps every time I’m spanked. To those makes who have never tried one, they work very well. There was no way I could safely get off of our bed with it on. It effectively limits your movements to an impressive degree.


  1. I am so glad you two got some playtime in!!! And, may I just say…. your new toy SCARES the beejeus out of me…one wrong move and it seems like you could really hurt yourself. That looks so painful! But, I am glad that YOU enjoyed it, that is all that matters. I was happy to hear that your Queen took advantage of the situation though and gave your bottom a good paddling! I am sure you deserved a spanking for something…

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      • Can you tell me what website you ordered it from? I like the design very much, much better than what I could see so far and better than the one I have made myself. Even though my own is also very effective and I can even attach leather cuffs to its ends, so your hands can be effectively locked up while you wear it.

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      • Hi jojo. I went through Etsy. The vendor is called Percontator. He is located in Eastern Europe. I found him easy to deal with and the product arrived in good time. He might even be able to customize something for you—though I don’t know for certain. Hope this helps.


  2. I hadn’t see one of these before so thank you for sharing the images. It looks like quite the toy and I am really pleased it worked so well for both of you. Here’s to more time alone and more humbling experiences like this one! Missy x

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  3. Wow Michael, that is one scary looking implement! So glad you finally got to try it out! I am all in favour of that red bottom too! What a wonderful opportunity for your Queen to bring colour into your life! Fabulous post! 😀 xx

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  4. Always wanted to try that. Did she stimulate your boys much? Seems like they would be particularly vulnerable in that contraption. And yes, it doesn’t look like you could move much. Thanks for sharing your journey, appreciated. Cheers.

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  5. glad you and Your Queen had some adult fun time. I would say that if you can get the humbler in front you need a bigger humbler one that really is long enough not to allow that to happen. The longer ones are heavier and maybe a little toguher on ones balls

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